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JCPC Presbyterian Women's Chili Luncheon! Sunday, October 16th!

Thank you JCPC People for all your work!

►Serving as an Usher, Committee Member, Liturgist, Vocal  or Bell  Choir Member

►Providing Refreshments 

​►Peparing food and serving at the Community Dinner 

►Filling backpacks at the Oklahoma Food Bank

►Special Projects Day in the Lord's House

►Decorating the Lord's House for special occasions and celebrations!


For many young children bathroom accidents at school can be a serious problem. New schedules and cold weather can make it especially hard for little people to plan ahead. This is not only a hygienic issue, it can affect the child’s health and self-esteem.

 JCPC Presbyterian Women would like to thank our congregation for supporting this very worth while mission project. In three years we have collected over 250 pieces of clothing to help the children at Skelly Elementary stay warm and study hard! 

Thank you John Calvin Presbyterian Church for your generous donations.  

On Sunday, July 31st, we welcomed our friends from Broken Arrow First Presbyterian Church! Although our JCPC Choir will be on vacation for a couple more weeks, the Broken Arrow First Presbyterian Chancel Choir and the JCPC Chancel Choir joined together for the beautiful hymn, "On Eagle's Wings." After our Worship Service, we had a

Potluck Luncheon!   

Our Special Music on Sunday, June 26th, was presented by guest flautist, Hazel Rowena Mills (left.) In honor of Independence Day she played "The Rights of Man," also "The Man Who Dies and Rose Again." Thank you Ms. Mills for the lovely, inspirational music.

The Presbyterian Women's Circle of JCPC would like to thank the JCPC congregation for your support in our Cinnamon Roll Fund Raiser! Thanks to you we were able to send a check for $112.00  to the Salvation Army and a check for $112.00 to Emergency Children and Infant Services! 

Thank you to Bill McClure for the lovely flower garden outside the narthex window. 

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