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Our Mission 

John Calvin Presbyterian Church prays and strives to be a community for God's peace and grace in the world. With hope and joy, we worship, study, support with caring fellowship, reach out charitably and sacrificially, and steward the resources and gifts God loans to us in life.

Thank you JCPC!

The JCPC Women's Circle would like  to thank our congregation members and visitors for their generous support of the "Underwear-Outerwear Drive" for Skelly Elementary, for the 2018-2019 school year. Our purpose was to help the teachers and administrators with resources for when those little accidents happen. When a parent cannot provide clean clothing, the teacher will be able to refresh the children and get them back to class with little interruption. Thank you for your support in helping us, help our young ones and their educators during the school year.

John Calvin Presbyterian

Church Community Dinner


History: In the summer of 2012, our Session decided to serve a free community dinner on the last Friday evening of each month – the end of the month being a financial pinch for many families.   Our decision was “confirmed” when we received an unsolicited generous check for $1,500. Our first Free Community Dinner was held on Friday, August 31, 2012.  


Preparation: A couple of weeks before the dinner, we place sign-up sheets for volunteers to bring desserts, lettuce, taco meat, chips, etc. We also need volunteers to set-up the tables, serve and clean up.  Serving the same menu each month makes it easier to know exactly what is needed and how to prepare it. A few days before the dinner we put out a very large banner on 31st street as a reminder.  On the day of the dinner, foods are heated and an assembly line is set up. The tables are set with festive decorations, napkins  and "plastic ware.”  Bingo prises are set up and the

Free Book tables are arranged.   


 Dinner is served at 5:30 and until we have no more guests or run out of food. We expect to serve between 75-150 guests. Guests line up at our kitchen bar area where the servers prepare each plate. Our servers try to engage our guests in conversation to welcome them and make them feel at home. Each plate gets two tacos, Spanish rice, refried beans and nachos. For drinks; lemonade, water and coffee are available. Desserts are homemade brownies, cake or cookies that are arranged at a large self-serve table.  Church members are busy on the serving line, moving tables, putting out more desserts, etc.  Our pastor circulates with other church members to meet, greet and make our guests feel welcome.  


After dinner we play Bingo - for prizes! Prizes are designated for babies, children, women or men. A bag may contain grooming supplies, cleaning supplies or holiday items. Sometimes people donate items for the bags.  Children, no matter how small work very hard to win a prize. Church members do not participate in Bingo; our fun is in watching the others!

Free books! At each dinner an adult and children's free book table is available. If our guest does not win at Bingo, they can take home a book or two!

We have now served almost fifty community dinners. Our guests are young families, older folks and people by themselves. Everyone comes to eat but we all enjoy the company. It seems that on that night, we are one big family. God is blessing us and those who come to eat with us.

Started in 2001, the Presbyterian Coffee Project is a collaboration between Equal Exchange and the Presbyterian Church USA.  The objective of "Enough for Everyone Program" is to involve more Presbyterian communities and individuals in supporting small farmers around the world.

For each pound of fairly traded coffee, chocolate, tea, nuts or other items purchased through the Coffee Project, 15 cents per pound goes to the PCUSA's Small Farmer Fund. 

On Saturday mornings JCPC volunteers frequently met at the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma. Our projects included filling backpacks with nutritious food for hungry children or  repackaging  large bulk items into family size containers – we never knew until we got there! It was a wonderful fellowship to work together for such a worthy organization and objective.


"...for I was hungry and you gave me food..."   Matthew 25:35

JCPC offered delicious items such as various types of coffees, teas, nuts and chocolate bars for purchase in Fellowship Hall. The purchase of  Fair Trade items help the small farmers of developing countries compete with the large commercial farms.

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